{I Don't} But I Wish I Could: Pretty In Pink

I’m not a “pink” girl. When we had our wedding, I instructed the florist to not include any pink, none (she showed up with pink accents everywhere!). When I was a little kid, my room was pink, my dolls wore pink, but I am not a pink girl. So I say…but these pink ideas are truly fabulous and if it wasn’t for Chris (sorry sweetie), I would paint my door pink, have bright pink chairs with white walls and drink a bright pink martini (okay I already do drink the bright pink martini). Anyway, in spirit of October/Breast Cancer month, here’s some pink inspiration:

{Photo Credits: blogs.babble.com | blog.effortless-style.com | decorpad.com | archzine.org | dekrisdesign.com | thelennoxx.com | sproost.com}