Kitchen Makeover: Bright Yellow to Gray Owl Paint

Chris and I finally bit the bullet and paid a painter to come in and do our kitchen. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the “pineapple” yellow since we moved in because it was just too bright. I love bright colors, but this was just too bright (you can see below).

Here is the before and after…


We used the, ever so popular, Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore at half the color. There are two ways of achieving this color, I learned.


1) You buy the full color + one full white can and mix it together
2) You go to a store that will mix it for you at 1/2 the strength, or 50% (which is what we did)

Here is a “while in progress” photo. I was so happy with the job these painters did. If you’re in the Montgomery County, Maryland area, send me a message at the bottom of the post and I’ll give you the name of the painter we used.

Photo Jul 26, 12 32 24 PM

And the final results!

Next step will be replacing the knobs to be silver. Although we are thinking that the gold might work with a lot of our kitchen colors. I’ll let you know tomorrow after our Home Depot trip!

gray-owl-paint-kitchen gray-owl-paint-kitchen-2

Kitchen Makeover Before & After

My lovely sister-in-law just bought her first home in Edwards, Colorado. It’s an amazing two story, end-unit, townhouse. When she moved in, the kitchen had great bones, but the colors looked outdated. Over the last few weeks she’s removed all of the cabinets, added a textured surface, repainted, and put it all back together. Check out her beautiful new kitchen below! Eve, I’m so proud of you!

The Before:kitchen-makeovers_4

In the middle of the transformation:


The After:


She added new these Home Depot kitchen knobs (at only $3.00 each!) to complete her look:



Big Design for Small Houses

{We’re very excited to welcome a guest blogger today, Erin Devine}

These days, all you have to do is browse Pinterest, flip through home design magazines or watch a home renovation show on TV to see how design can transform a home. Homeowners with modest means and space may become frustrated seeing palatial homes with extravagant (although beautiful) interior design. Luckily, it is possible to get a swoon-worthy home even in the smallest space. From adding glass tile backsplash to being creative with wallpaper, adding bold color and breaking all the rules or installing elegant and modern bamboo floors, there are a wide variety of options to consider.


Many people think that wallpaper is dated, but the truth is, there are many stunning and creative ways to use it in your home, however small. There are plenty of modern patterns and uses that can create an upscale look. If you are feeling adventurous, use wallpaper to jazz up old lampshades. This allows you to add color and style to any room. Wallpaper can also allow you to recycle a weathered lampshade. An innovative idea found in plenty of celebrity homes is using wallpaper on ceilings only. This is a fun look when you have fairly neutral walls. Add life to a room by using striped wallpaper or even wallpaper with a damask pattern.


Changing the flooring in a small home is one of the best ways to make it look upscale. Wood floors of any kind instantly add a contemporary look to a home. Some unique flooring options include bamboo, cork, limestone, and Saltillo tile. These lesser-known floors will instantly give your small space a facelift from the floors up. For the more classic look, hardwood floors also open up a space to make it feel airy and elegant. If you already have standard hardwood floors, it’s easy to update them by refinishing them or staining them so as to make them darker.


Open up a small kitchen by adding some light and sparkle. Interior designers have long known that adding mirrors and glass to a room instantly makes it look larger. Upgrade the kitchen by adding a glass tile backsplash. Not only does a glass tile backsplash add value to a home, but it also visually expands the home. You can also place lights underneath the counters as a way to further enhance the glass tile backsplash.

Dining Area

Turn a cramped dining area into one that is vibrant and inviting. This is possible to do in a small dining space or even just a tiny nook or corner. Set up a glass bistro table along with some comfortable chairs. The glass table helps the space look less cramped or cluttered. Add a distinctive chandelier above the table that represents your own style. Having this element draws the eye up and focuses it on your special accent in the room.

Colorful Walls

While popular wisdom says that using lighter colors in a room can make it look larger, there is no reason why you can’t use darker colors in a small room. Opt to embrace the size of the room and use bold colors such as purple, brick red or burnt orange on the walls and even the ceiling. Believe it or not, larger rooms have a harder time pulling off the look of dark or colorful walls. So take advantage of the opportunity when you can!

Author Bio:

Erin Devine is a freelance writer and editor for Floor & Décor Outlets, a factory direct flooring store. In her free time, she maintains her own blog about all things home renovation and interior design, DIY Home & Floor.

Photo Credits: Wallpaper | Flooring | Backsplash | Dining Area | Colorful Walls