Kitchen Makeover: Bright Yellow to Gray Owl Paint

Chris and I finally bit the bullet and paid a painter to come in and do our kitchen. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the “pineapple” yellow since we moved in because it was just too bright. I love bright colors, but this was just too bright (you can see below).

Here is the before and after…


We used the, ever so popular, Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore at half the color. There are two ways of achieving this color, I learned.


1) You buy the full color + one full white can and mix it together
2) You go to a store that will mix it for you at 1/2 the strength, or 50% (which is what we did)

Here is a “while in progress” photo. I was so happy with the job these painters did. If you’re in the Montgomery County, Maryland area, send me a message at the bottom of the post and I’ll give you the name of the painter we used.

Photo Jul 26, 12 32 24 PM

And the final results!

Next step will be replacing the knobs to be silver. Although we are thinking that the gold might work with a lot of our kitchen colors. I’ll let you know tomorrow after our Home Depot trip!

gray-owl-paint-kitchen gray-owl-paint-kitchen-2

Question: How do you find the right gray wall color?


I was wondering what the name of the wall color you chose for your bedroom? The greyish one? And is there a good way to tell before hand whether it will work in my room. Since it’s such a dark color I don’t want to have to paint over it.


The color of our bedroom is Milestone by Behr.

You can get it at Home Depot. The swatch looks much more gray than what the color turns out to be. When we finally got 2-3 coats on it, it’s more purplish at night, and bluer in the day, but I ended up liking it more because it was warmer than I planned.

It’s going to depend on the amount of light you get in that room and what accents you use. I’ve had people tell me they think it looks different at night vs. day, and that it looks totally different against my yellow chair vs. my white bed spread. So make sure you account for the accents in the room.

What I did to make sure I loved the color is I got samples of the color I liked, and the two colors to either side of the gray color scale and did tests. I took pictures at different times of the day to see how the light in the room affected the color. Same with lamp light as well. That way you know for sure what it’s going to look like. Hope that helps!

Gorgeous Colors, Patterns, & Room Decor

I’m dreaming of patterns and colors…check out these totally kick ass color and pattern combos! Swoon

{Photo Source: DesignSponge}

{Photo Source:}

Colorful Home Decor{Photo Source:}

Blue and Yellow Bedrooms{Photo Source: Houzz}

Patterned Headboard{Photo Source:}

{I Do} have a paint swatch confession…

Today we began painting the living room. I had to work late so I sent Chris to Home Depot to get new swatches since the grays we chose yesterday we didn’t like. I chose the new swatches on…

I will say at first I was SHOCKED at how different the swatch was online to the actual paint/sample color. But here is the beginning of the new paint. Although it’s looking really white, I believe it will end up being the perfect backdrop to our “rustic” living room look.





The color is: Behr, Frost (product #: 1857)

{I Do}: Painting the Bedroom a Calming Gray!

I’m in love with the color we decided on. As you know, there was a lot of back and forth on exactly which color we’d go with. I had settled on a cool subtle gray about a week ago, but then I fell in love with this much darker color – which ironically was my first bedroom wall color choice about 2 months ago. I will admit, (yes Chris I’m admitting this), it’s a bit darker than I thought. But it looks awesome and will look even more awesome when I get furniture in the room and lighten up the decor with curtains and accents.


Sophie started to get tired, so she decided to nap while we finished painting…





The {I Do} Team Gets The Keys!

So today was the big day we’ve been waiting for. We settled on the house and started to get ready for the move on Saturday.

The day started with us finally letting Sophie into the back yard, she was stoked to say the least:


Then we began the painting and swatch sampling.

The living room:


And at first I liked the one on the right, and so did Chris.

But as the night went on all of the colors got greyer and cooler…


I’m really glad we tested the colors out in both daylight and night because we both vetoed all three colors. So back to Home Depot tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll unveil the color of the bedroom, I love what we chose!

Here’s a sneak peek:


All and all it was a very happy settlement day!