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Question: How do you find the right gray wall color?


I was wondering what the name of the wall color you chose for your bedroom? The greyish one? And is there a good way to tell before hand whether it will work in my room. Since it’s such a dark color I don’t want to have to paint over it.


The color of our bedroom is Milestone by Behr.

You can get it at Home Depot. The swatch looks much more gray than what the color turns out to be. When we finally got 2-3 coats on it, it’s more purplish at night, and bluer in the day, but I ended up liking it more because it was warmer than I planned.

It’s going to depend on the amount of light you get in that room and what accents you use. I’ve had people tell me they think it looks different at night vs. day, and that it looks totally different against my yellow chair vs. my white bed spread. So make sure you account for the accents in the room.

What I did to make sure I loved the color is I got samples of the color I liked, and the two colors to either side of the gray color scale and did tests. I took pictures at different times of the day to see how the light in the room affected the color. Same with lamp light as well. That way you know for sure what it’s going to look like. Hope that helps!

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